Broadway Project Interview

First of all how do you feel about this release?
( Broadway Project ) Pleased, stressed, optimistic, indifferent. Equally.
( It's been a while since 'compassion' what did you do in the meantime?
( Broadway Project )Since the release of Compassion I managed to set up a business, move house and studio twice and get married.
( It's said the vessel was recorded in 2002 but it's only been out since August 2003. Why was there such delay?
( Broadway Project )It’s a fact of life when dealing with a small record label and tight budgets. Things take time.
( What did you change in your way of producing music since 'compassion'?
( Broadway Project )I have changed the equipment that I use and I try to record more live musicians, but the cut and paste methods that I employ to make music have not changed much. The way in which I structure songs has become more focused.
( Why did you choose to record in Bristol?
( Broadway Project )That’s where I lived at the time.
( Were you in a different state of mind when you started recording 'the vessel' ( different from recording 'compassion', that is) ?
( Broadway Project )Yes. Happier. Not sure if it shows through in the music though. Also a lot busier.
( From compassion to 'the vessel' where did you want to go ?
( Broadway Project )I was focused on writing a consice album rather than a collection of tracks stuck together. We put a lot of thought into making The Vessel sound like a whole piece.
( Where did you think 'the vessel' would take you to?
( Broadway Project )I don’t know. But it did test my sanity a few times.
( Were there ideas you couldn't do on the first album you eventually laid out for this new one?
( Broadway Project )Perhaps yes. I’ve just got better and programming and production and I’m now able to do things that I couldn’t do before.
( Do you consider it as a sequel?
( Broadway Project )Not really. I think the third album will be more of a sequel to The Vessel.
( To us this album sounds a lot more acoustic a lot more feminine too... and more strings! Any comments?
( Broadway Project )Cool! I like all of those things.
( Some songs are opening up for new grounds ( I believe in Superman) especially in the rhythmic sections…
( Broadway Project )I’m not sure I understand the question. If you mean that some songs are breaking new ground then I’m flattered. I am trying to do new things even though it sometimes sounds like it’s from the past.
( Why did you want members of a choir for on 'Darkling'?
( Broadway Project )God knows. Just so I could say that I’ve done it ! No really, it just seemed like a good idea. Completely over the top, but great fun and very dramatic.
( Help us understand the lyrics on your last track 'manifesto'?
( Broadway Project )It’s a rallying call to the people of Chile from the ‘70’s. The words just stirred up feelings of optimism for me, that things can get better if you fight together. There are desolate parts to The Vessel, but I wanted to finish the album with some aggression and positivity.
( 'Coming back'' make us think of the band Locust (once signed on R&S). Do you know them ?
( Broadway Project )Never heard of them… tell me more….
What would broadway project look like on stage?
( Broadway Project )Good question. One that I am considering myself at the moment as I’m getting a band together. I think we would look very into the music, but full of passion and happy to be performing. Beards would definately be involved (a lot).
( A bit on the artwork why did you choose Omni production?
( Broadway Project )Because it’s the company that myself and my friends set up 2 years ago. It’s a multi-media production collective. The front cover artwork is a photo of a collage made by my friend Ian from bits of wood and photocopied paper.
This interview is for a website. Are you techies or net addicted?
( Broadway Project )Ehe ? My computer runs Windows BC. I’m slightly addicted to Ebay, but it’s not a problem. I can handle it.
( What are your outside projects?
( Broadway Project )I’ve taken a backseat from everything except music for the next 12 months. I’m pretty busy on getting the live stuff going and writing an EP.
Thank you very much
( Broadway Project )No worries.
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( If broadway project were... an animal?
( Broadway Project )A deer.
( a film / tv show?
( Broadway Project )Kes
( a colour?
( Broadway Project )Brown
( a building ( doesn't have to be famous)
( Broadway Project )a beach hut ?(I ‘spose)
( please add your current top 5.
( Broadway Project )Top 5 Milkshakes
Banana and musli
Mango and peach
Strawberry and Yogurt
Banana and Digestive buscuit
Grape, Melon and Pistashio nuts

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Deuxième album du groupe The Vessel de Broadway Project est un condensé mais pas un raccourci de Thievery Corporation, Locust, Portishead et U.N.K.L.E, une formule réussie où Bristol se soigne de l'intérieur. (lire la chronique)
Broadway project
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...en voulant porter un coup d'arrêt à l'hémorrhagie britannique vers ce qu'il est convenu d'appeler aujourd'hui le continental breakbeat à l'instar du label Compost. Le renouveau devra donc passer par une vision prismatique pour ne pas dire faite d'emprunts(lire davantage)